Technical Visit

Visit ComEd's Maywood Labs

Join us for an exclusive technical visit to ComEd’s Maywood Labs on November 6th PM, the day before our workshop begins!

This unique opportunity will provide an in-depth look at the cutting-edge Grid Integration and Technology Lab, the innovative Maywood Outdoor Advanced Testbed, and the comprehensive Failure Analysis Lab.

Discover firsthand how ComEd is advancing technology and reliability in the electrical distribution industry.

The technical visit will be held on Nov. 6 at 1.30 pm, transportation will be provided.

The visit is on extra cost. It will only be organized for a minimum of 20 participants. Find out more info on our registration page.

Overview of the tour

Grid Integration and Technology (GrIT) Lab

The GrIT lab enables the research, testing, and development of emerging technology solutions/equipment/applications in a real time simulated environment to validate functionality and proof of concept. The GrIT lab operates in a controlled environment with no adverse impact to the grid and our customers.

Maywood Outdoor Advanced Testbed (MOAT)

MOAT is a standalone microgrid-based testbed. The testbed provides a controlled environment for testing and validating the performance, characteristics, and interactions of different technologies within a microgrid environment.

Failure Analysis (Forensics) Lab

Distribution Standards Material SMES perform failure analysis on failed or defective equipment through inspections, testing, and analyzing data to identify reasons for failure and contributing factors. Learnings are incorporated into our specifications, trainings, and partnerships with vendors.